Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio encourages the lifelong learning and continuing education for all individuals….. yoga lifestyle learners, yoga teachers and also including medical professionals such as physicians, physical therapists,  and other rehabilitation & clinical professionals.  Keep an eye out for these programs in 2020.

More Information About Beryl!

Beryl Bender Birch is a Master Yoga Lifestyle Practitioner and Educator and Executive Director of the Hard and the Soft Yoga Institute.  www.Power-Yoga.com.  Join us for this much needed weekend to study the Yoga Sutras and Meditation.  This will be a fantastic opportunity for yoga teachers, yoga practitioners and all level learners.  


Saturday, June 13th 1-3pm. Yoga Sutra Study – What is Yoga? How do we Quiet our Mind?  What is practice? What are the obstacles to practice?  How can we have the experience of yoga? $50


Sunday, June 14th 1-4pm.  Teaching Meditation to Beginners –  How do we start?  What are the basic elements of teaching meditation?  What meditation is not.  Setting the best attitude.  Cultivating mind/body awareness.  Self Regulation.  Why is Yoga good for treating anxiety and stress related disorders? $75


Register for one day, either Saturday or Sunday.  Register for both days.— $100. a 20% discount.


THIS IS A LIVESTREAM using the ZOOM Platform.  Register online with the link provided.  


You will receive an invitation for the Zoom Virtual Training one hour before beginning of program. Please make certain to confirm the time listed… is stated as Central Time…. make adjustments for your region as necessary. Check your spam or junk folders first, if you have not received your access link. The link will allow you to access the program via your computer, smartphone, iPad or other electronic device for participation.