Hi this is Nydia. Let me tell you about what you can expect when you schedule a private therapeutic yoga assessment with me.

I like to begin with our first session where I will do a whole body assessment coupled with a detailed history of your past medica and physical activityl adventures. The assessment gives me information about your posture, range of motion, overall torso and extremity strength, mobility & flexibility, quality and efficiency of your breathing, quality and strength of your core abdominal and shoulder girdle stabilizers, past activity and injury history and overall readiness for a yoga practice. By the end of the assessment, we will have reviewed together and I will have instructed you in gentle activities that might benefit your individual body– in the case that any of the above mentioned areas were deficient or in need of attention. If you have a specific past medical history, we will take this into consideration and adjust the assessment and instruction as needed. We will then be able to decide together what your next step is in your practice.
Some individuals will go home to practice the techniques that I have taught them to improve on deficient areas (information is provided on a handout with step by step instructions), others will be ready to attend yoga classes on the schedule that I have recommended and then there are others who will schedule additional private sessions as they request or as needed in order to meet their individual goals. Some students who already have a consistent yoga practice will be interested in determining that they are progressing appropriately with their practice. They may be recovering from an illness, surgery, injury or may be experiencing a movement limitation.  When this is the case, we might go directly into assessing a variety of yoga postures to create modifications (as needed) to meet the individuals specific needs. The cost of the private therapeutic yoga session is $175/hour. Our first session (initial assessment) occasionally takes longer than an hour…the cost is the same, I just like to make sure that we schedule enough time to address all the areas that need attention. I am currently available for scheduling on Wednesday afternoons, and occasionally on other afternoons during the week as needed. Please contact me at the studio at (210) 325-4443 or send a message via the contact page if you would like more information or to speak with me about your particular situation.

I hope that you found this information helpful.



During my individual assessment, I was blown away by Nydia’s thoughtfulness and attention to the nuances of my body. Before the assessment, I felt completely in the dark as to how my body was affected by my herniated discs. She helped me see my injury in a new light, and I am so excited to start my yoga therapy journey with her!

Georgia Richter

GratefulĀ for Nydia of Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio. Simply the most encouraging and empowering woman I have ever met. Young or old, beginner or expert and even if you disappeared for a while she welcomes you with open arms and a beautiful smile. Oh and there is alway chocolate on your way out. Thank you Nydia for simply being wonderful you.


Independent Consultant, AHNI & ZOE BY CREATIVE MEMORIES