Welcome to our new online schedule!  

It will be important to reserve the yoga class that you wish to attend in advance.  This new system goes into effect Monday, July 23rd 2018,


You can purchase class passes by clicking on the Memberships tab below.  


Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Serenidad Studio does not allow drop in visits from individuals who have not communicated with Nydia or who are not current members.  Individuals who are interested MUST communicate with Nydia for information on availability.  


If you are new to Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio, you MUST contact Nydia at 210.325.4443 or nydia@nydiasyogatherapy.com to determine whether a Therapeutic Yoga Assessment session is required or whether you may begin with the Gentle Therapeutic Yoga classes.


You can log in or create a new account by clicking on the Login/Register below.

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