Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with Nydia to address specific needs or concerns regarding Hatha Yoga practices, physical goals , specific questions about your yoga practice, preparation for surgery, and specialized therapeutic yoga post-surgery programs and many other topics that are specific to your own situation.  Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions with Nydia are perfect for individuals who would like to place special attention on a specific area of their practice and or to prepare them to initiate a home yoga practice and/or prepare to eventually join group therapeutic yoga classes.  Nydia also offers individuals the opportunity to initiate a therapeutic Yoga practice with specific modifications to meet their specific situation that they can then take with them to continue at the yoga studio that is most convenient to their home and lifestyle situation.

The cost of the private therapeutic yoga sessions is $175/hour and begins with a Therapeutic Yoga Assessment.   Please contact me at the studio at (210) 325-4443 or at our contact page if you would like more information or speak with me about your particular situation.


Do you think a Private Yoga Experience is what you need?

Please consult with Nydia here prior to scheduling a Private Yoga Experience to ensure that this experience will be to your complete benefit.