Gentle Therapeutic Yoga

This 60-minute gentle yoga class will introduce the breath and focused attention to a relaxed seated and lying practice that is directed toward supporting a meditative and calm state of being. All levels are encouraged to attend and modifications will be offered for interested participants.  Focused attention will be directed towards using the ujjayi breath to maintain concentration, optimize oxygenation and encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to initiate the Relaxation Response. Core strength, mobility and flexibility of the extremities and the importance of learning how to safely move from standing to transitioning to the floor in sitting, supine and prone will be addressed.  This practice is best for beginners or those wanting one of the most gentle class offered at our studio.

Progressive Therapeutic Yoga

A 75-minute moderate approach to a fundamental yoga class. The student will participate in Modified Sun Salutation Series™ and will learn fundamentals of proper positioning and modifications of postures in standing, sitting, and lying postures with a thorough introduction to core stability activities. Standing postures will be emphasized for increasing individuals muscular endurance and readiness for participation in the progressive level classes. Each participant will be encouraged to: listen to their individual body as they move & pay attention to their breath in order to maintain a safe and effective practice. Designed for individuals with limited/no Hatha yoga experience or those with a history of orthopedic limitations that will benefit from this type of instruction. Modifications and variations for yoga postures will be available to the participants.

Empowering Therapeutic Yoga

A 75 minute breath-centered yoga movement awareness practice that informs the moderate to advanced level participant in the use of the most effective method for placement of their individual body within the Hatha yoga asana practice.  Traditional and not so traditional Sun Salutations will be offered to allow the participant to explore proper technique that can improve overall core strength while potentially improving performance to reduce stress to major joints of body.  Participants will be able to experience a variety of yoga asana practices that have been developed by Dr. Nydia Tijerina Darby that draw out the therapeutic potential for the major joints and muscle structures of the body.  Modifications and variations to the Hatha yoga postures will be available to the participants, so that even beginners can participate.

Explorations in Empowering Therapeutic Yoga

A 75-minute warm class –(between 80-90 degrees)– consisting of breath-centered yoga movement awareness practices that draw out the therapeutic potential of traditional Hatha Yoga Asana.  Be prepared to perspire, so bring your towel.  This class continues the tradition at Nydia’s Yoga Therapy studio where each individual is encouraged to learn how to practice within their abilities with an emphasis on improving core stability, optimal individual musculoskeletal alignment, muscular endurance and whole mind body wellness. Designed for the adventurous and experienced yoga practitioner. Advanced postures and inversions may be included in the practice with modifications available to individualize each practitioners experience.   On Tuesdays, Nydia is leading the practice–presenting many of the structured therapeutic yoga practices that she has developed to meet the needs of a variety of individuals.  On Thursdays, you will experience practice alongside Nydia as the group practices together.  

Join us with an open mind and a willing spirit for adventure.

Are You New to Nydia's Yoga Therapy Studio?

If you are new to our studio, you must contact Nydia to determine readiness and gain access to the Serenidad Studio for Group Classes. Nydia will help you determine whether a private Therapeutic Yoga Assessment is necessary or whether you can begin in the Gentle Therapeutic yoga classes.

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