Exclusive Video Training Programs

Exclusive Yoga Training Videos

Enjoy Therapeutic Yoga in the comfort of your own home, in any part of the world. The only thing that you have to do is BREATHE …. and have high speed internet connectivity.

Nydia’s Yoga Therapy studio offers unique Therapeutic Yoga practices for all levels and includes detailed instructions and variations to the practice to help participants set a solid foundation. Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio has a wonderful platform for accessing high quality video on demand. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice at your own pace and at your own personal convenience.

You can register for the Bewe TV platform (the most recent addition) which was created in Spring 2021. Click on the image below to access the registration site.

Each platform registration and monthly fee of $25 will give you access to a variety of therapeutic yoga practices that Nydia has designed to help you draw out the therapeutic potential that exists within you. You can connect your breath, body and mind for a lifetime of optimum health and wellbeing.

- Nydia Darby

Marco Chalaby

Nydia provides almost private instruction focused on the needs of each student. I had a recurring muscular pain that almost went away with the exercises and stretches that she recommended during class. She will talk through long poses so that you do not feel the discomfort!
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Jennifer Rockwell

I finally found someone who can help me. In addition to being a yogi, Nydia is a doctor of physical therapy and a published scientist in cancer research, who has developed this therapeutic yoga practice over 4 decades.
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Maria Iturbe

Nydia is amazing! Loved today’s class.
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Donna Shields

My Rheumatologist recommended yoga with Nydia as a form of physical therapy  for a neuromuscular condition.  Nydia guided the Gentle Therapeutic Yoga class, comprised of yoga instructors to beginners, in a way that felt personal.  I was able to do the movements (all on the floor) and was not tired or hurting so I mentioned that the intent was for me to build strength.  Nydia explained the movements that build strength and that I would probably be a little sore the next day.  She was correct but I still felt good.  A sense of achievement.  Finally physical therapy that does not hurt nor focus on my limitations but my overall well being.  I know I will have neuromuscular challenges in the future but I feel I have a method to manage my quality of life now. Thank you Nydia for dispelling what I thought I knew about yoga and introducing me to lifetime change.
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Kathleen Horner

 I attended my first class with Nydia yesterday in order to expand ways to help my massage clients. Nydia offered lots of simple and effective ways I can incorporate the basics of yoga and breathing to help clients achieve greater healing with their self care. I feel it was some of the best CE money I’ve spent in quite a while. I left with a renewed spirit of healing. Can’t wait to go back and learn more! Nydia and her husband’s hospitality were AMAZING! Thank you for opening not just your studio but your home to my learning experience.
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Regina Lee

Excellent instruction that is body friendly in an environment that nourishes the soul. I always leave feeling like I have had a vacation!
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Deb Schmid

What an amazing 75 minutes, breathing, stretching, balancing and Oming. She is the master of explaining how to get the most out of the practice. What a blessing!
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Kathleen Curry

It is a dream come true when your yoga teacher is a doctor of physical therapy.  Who could ask for anything more?  Nydia pays attention to every detail of your body while you are in a posture.   She can offer subtle cues that have tremendous impact.     She has helped me enjoy postures that I thought I would never be able to do again because of a cervical condition.  Nydia’s classes are challenging and fun.  Her approach is unique.  She is a delightful individual.  Nydia’s Yoga Therapy is San Antonio’s hidden gem.
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Mayur Kewalramani

An amazing studio and a gifted instructor. Yoga is transformative and this studio supports all aspects of the practice.
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Maripat Munley

While I have practiced yoga for nearly 25 years, Nydia has been my best teacher. Her classes are deeply informed by her personal depth of training with yoga masters both here in the states & around the world. Combining that training with her professional base as a Physical Therapist has enriched my own practice over the past 10 years.  I look forward to going to class several times a week & feel stronger as a result.
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Micha Darby

There’s no other yoga experience like the classes you’ll take here! Excellent service and teachers. 🙂
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Charmaine Flores

This is my first experience at yoga. I was recommended by my doctor and I must say Nydia has a gift to conduct these classes. She has an awesome personality and makes you feel comfortable through the entire class. the environment is serene and that allows you to concentrate and feel at ease. I believe she can help restore the balance my body and mind needs. I can’t wait to continue my classes with her and embrace the changes of my mind and body that is so required. I definitely recommend taking her classes especially for first timers. Thank you Nydia:)
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Jack Willome

Nydia is awesome and has been an amazing resource in my life!  I’ve attended her classes regularly for 2 years and results have been tremendous.  I have a peripheral neuropathy (feet are numb) which was detrimental to my balance, to the point where she started me leaning against the wall in standing postures…I haven’t had to lean against the wall for a long time!  My strength, dexterity and mobility are progressing in spite of the neuropathy!  Nydia class is part of my regular routine…a necessity in my life!
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Betty Boazman

Exactly what I needed!  Some yoga classes seem to rush thru the positions and I don’t feel like I really got the benefit of the stretches.  This class allows enough time to fully experience each position while working at your own level. Nydia constantly coaches and assists each person.  Perfect
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Rick White

Nydia loves what she does. She cares so much about each person in the class, not just for today, but to help us through aging healthily.  Not only do my muscles feel better, she always puts me in a good mood.
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