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bbb-visit-flyer-2017-low-res-jpgThe Open Hand Institute and Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio are proud to present, Birch!  A weekend workshop!  Cost:$250. Early Bird $225 before January 1, 2017.  Register online by clicking on link  apply promo earlybbb to save $25 before 1/1/17.

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Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to get connected with your practice, maybe to try something new or to just enjoy immersing yourself into a few extra hours or days of learning. You will find information about workshops that are currently scheduled at the studio, special events and information about workshops that are coming to local studios in San Antonio.

Immersing yourself in a Yoga Lifestyle Practice…It’s good for the spirit!

The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York invited me to present “Therapeutic Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors” This program designed for Breast Cancer survivors also encouraged yoga teachers, loved ones, spouses and caregivers to Survivors to attend so that they could have the opportunity to experience a modified and gentle practice that has scientific evidence of its benefits (secondary to our 6 month Yoga and Breast Cancer Research study).

Yoga for BCS NYT15

Nydia presents at Yoga Programs in the state

and beyond.


Nydia Presented at Sytar in 2014.


Nydia Presented at the Texas Yoga Retreat in 2013 and 2014.


Nydia has presented at the Texas Yoga Conference since 2012.


Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Yoga Research Team presented posters at SYR at Kripalu in September 2014.