Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio is dedicated to supporting individuals within our local and global communities in their efforts in moving towards better health, wellness and functional mobility for a lifetime. The following video and audio clips are presented on our website in order to provide a continued practice resource for our students and those individuals who might benefit from this online instruction. Please be mindful and present in using rhythmic and steady breath during your participation. Remember, “Muscles may get tired, but joints should never hurt” and “Yoga should feel good.” As always, be sure that you are physically able to participate in active movement by communicating with your physician and/or healthcare team before beginning any physical activities.

A Yoga Lifestyle Practice takes just that…. Practice. These videos are presented in order to assist you on your journey into yoga asana (the physical practice) and help guide you gently into the meditative practices that can help you find the stillness within.

This video introduces a Modified Sun Salutation that Nydia designed to help mobilize every major joint in the body.  It is also designed to help individuals practice how to mindfully move down on to the floor and mindfully get up off of the floor.  It is an important thing to know how to do… get up off the floor… just in case you end up there.

Learn about the Modified Sun Salutation.

Nydia introduces the magic behind a beloved standing posture.  Check it out!!!