Join me at 8:30am at Athleta La Cantera Mall each Saturday morning in May for Therapeutic Yoga. Bring your yoga mat. All welcome. May 13th honors mothers & daughters. Register at these links.

May 6:
May 13:
May 20:
May 27:

At Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio, we specialize in spreading awareness about the benefits of Therapeutic Yoga.

Therapeutic Yoga helps us to connecting the mind, the body and the breath.

Therapeutic Yoga helps us to learn how to care for and appreciate our most amazing mind, body and spirit.

Therapeutic Yoga helps us to practice being present in the moment.

Therapeutic Yoga helps us to be true to who we really are.

Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio is the place where you can let the science of yoga meet you on the mat.  Pairing mindful movement with flowing breath unlocks the extraordinary healing benefits that can last a lifetime.