Digital Resources

Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio is dedicated to supporting individuals within our local and global communities in their efforts  in moving towards better health, wellness and functional mobility for a lifetime.   The following video and audio clips are presented on our website in order to provide a continued practice resource for our students and those individuals who might benefit from this online instruction. Please be mindful and present in using rhythmic and steady breath during your participation. Remember,  “Muscles may get tired, but joints should never hurt” and “Yoga should feel good.”  As always, be sure that you are physically able to participate in active movement by communicating with your physician and/or healthcare team before beginning any physical activities.

Therapeutic Yoga with Nydia….

Now on Video On Demand!!! You can have access to Nydia’s Yoga Therapy videos. Gentle Yoga with Nydia, Progressive Mellow Yoga: Standing Tall, Progressive Mellow Yoga: Core Presence, and Therapeutic Yoga with Nydia: Breath & Muscular Awareness. Click on the image below to subscribe for access.



You asked for it and now it’s here…. you are now able to subscribe to the Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio online Video on Demand Service to have access to the therapeutic yoga practices that make your body, mind and spirit SMILE!!!

If you are having trouble accessing the Video on Demand, try switching online browser.  Currently, Safari does not support this platform.


Knee Strength Awareness Yoga with Bobbie

Nydia Talks about the Sun Salutation

The Modified Sun Salutation

Seated Yoga with Pedro

Downward Facing Dog:  A whole body stretch.

NYT Foot Learning Adventure Part 1.

NYT Foot Learning Adventure Part 2.

Moving Meditation:  A physical practice

This practice has been provided as an online resource to the students who practice at Nydia’s Yoga Therapy studio.  It is a 46 minute hatha yoga asana practice with a focus on patterning rhythmic and steady breathing throughout the movements. This physical practice does involve movements in standing, moving down to the floor and getting up and should be utilized with mindful awareness.  Please make sure that you are physically capable of performing these movements, take rest as needed and consult with your physician to determine the appropriateness of participating in any movement program for your utmost safety.  Enjoy.

Tonglen Meditation

This 18 minute meditation is provided to those who wish to participate in an opportunity to quiet the mind and focus on giving and receiving…a powerful meditative practice.  Remember to position yourself in an upright, supported and comfortable position.  Always consult with your healthcare team to assure the appropriateness of participating in these meditative practices.

Attention-Intention Meditation

This 20 minute meditation is provided to those who wish to participate in an opportunity to quiet the mind and focus on an  attention and intention meditation.  As listed above, consider proper positioning and consulting with your healthcare team before beginning these practices.