You are probably wondering what you might be getting into when you attend a class at Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio. The classes are listed generally in order of increasing difficulty from the most gentle to somewhat more challenging. Remember, that our teachers are skilled at helping you adjust the practice to your individual needs. The more that we see you in class, the easier it is to learn about your individual needs. We look forward to seeing you in class soon.




  • Centering Yoga

    Centering Yoga: This class will introduce the breath and focused attention to a gentle seated and lying practice that is directed toward supporting a meditative and relaxed state of being. All levels are encouraged to attend and modifications will be offered for interested participants.

  • Progressive Mellow Yoga

    Progressive Mellow Yoga: A moderate approach to a beginning yoga class. The student will participate in modified Sun Salutation Series and will learn fundamentals of proper positioning and modifications of postures in standing, sitting, and lying poses with a thorough introduction to core stability activities. Standing postures will be emphasized for increasing individuals endurance and readiness for participation in the next level classes…like Beginner’s Hatha Yoga. Each participant will be encouraged to listen to their individual body as they move, paying attention to the breath to maintain a safe and effective practice. Designed for individuals with limited or no Hatha yoga experience or those with a history of orthopedic limitations that will benefit from this type of instruction. Modifications and variations for yoga postures will be available to the participants.

  • Therapeutic Astanga Method Yoga

    Therapeutic Astanga Method Yoga:The Therapeutic Astanga Method incorporates breath-centered movement awareness practices which are supported by the tenets of the Eight Limbed Yoga Lifestyle practice as they have been realized by Dr. Nydia Tijerina Darby.  This practice has evolved over 35 years and is an amalgamation of various movement practices with Hatha yoga, traditional exercise and physical therapy naming just a few.  It was designed to encourage an individual’s entry into a Yoga Lifestyle Practice supported by the Eight Limbed Path (as documented by Patanjali within the Yoga Sutras), hence the use and spelling of the word Astanga.  This practice is demonstrated in a more vigorous mode at the 8am time slot and a more gentle mode at the 5:30pm time slot.

  • Empowering Exploration with Nydia

    Empowering Exploration with Nydia: In this class, you will experience a variety of breath centered movement awareness practices that Dr. Nydia Tijerina Darby infuses into modified and traditional Hatha Yoga Asana practices.   This class will open up the adventurous aspects of a modified practice and can be practiced by those who have developed or are developing in their skills in mindful attention to breath to determine intensity level. 

  • Empowering Yoga Lite

    Empowering Yoga Lite: This class will introduce the transition between the NYT Modified Sun Salutation and Sun Salutations A & B. Core strength, mindful awareness of proper placement and alignment in hatha postures, and modified levels of intensity in practice will be emphasized as enjoyed in traditional NYT yoga practices. Focused attention will be placed on the breath and bandhas. This class is a great transition between Progressive Mellow and Empowering Yoga.

  • Empowering Yoga

    Empowering Yoga: A moderately vigorous combination of Hatha Yoga postures that follow the tradition of Astanga Yoga in emphasizing use of Ujjayi breath, use of the muscular locks and building heat within the body for purification of toxins through vigorous sweat. The most important part of this yoga practice is that each participant is encouraged to listen to their individual body as they move, paying attention to the breath to maintain a safe and effective practice. This practice utilizes the Sun Salutations to prepare the body for practice, a series of standing postures to strengthen and tone the body, followed by postures performed on the floor, emphasizing spinal twisting and core stability activities. Designed for individuals with prior Hatha yoga or exercise experience. Modification are taught to allow all levels of participation.

  • Modified Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga

    Modified Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga: Nydia has incorporated principles of spinal extension into this moderate practice which introduces the fundamentals of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Modifications are offered to encourage and meet the needs of individual students to improve mechanical alignment for their unique bodies.  Designed for individuals with prior Hatha Yoga experience. 

  • I'm Sore Silent Yoga Practice with Nydia

    “I’m Sore” Silent Yoga Practice with Nydia: This is an opportunity to practice the Astanga system (either primary or second series) with full attention on your breath, bandhas and dristhi. Nydia is practicing along with the class……there is no instruction…….but there are cool “break out” sessions where we will practice hand stands and other challenging and invigorating postures. This class is designed for individuals who are familiar with the primary series or those with hatha yoga experience that are looking for a meditative and vigorous practice.

  • Specialty Classes
  • Nydia leads specialized educational classes and workshops on various occasions during the year.  These classes typically typically feature education and yoga based practices on a variety of topics such as:  Knee care, Shoulder and Upper body care, Hip care, Spine Care, Preparing for a surgery, Yoga Breathing, Meditation, Yoga Lifestyle, etc.  watch the website and get on the email list for updated information.